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Collection: Handmade Designer Soap Dishes

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Ceramic stoneware soap dishes made in small batches by a local Scottish Ceramist, Alexa, from Artworks Sonasmile. Alexa works from home, producing unique stoneware soap dishes that are individually hand thrown primarily on the potters wheel or handmade using slabs of clay. She uses glazes that are lead free and the dishes are fired twice to a temperature of 1050 degrees C. Some of the glazes are matt and others shiny, colourful or natural in tone, smooth or ridged and textural. Each soap dish is like a unique piece of artwork and presents itself as the perfect gift along with some bars of soap.

Each dish is unique. Some have ridges, some slightly deeper, most have a hole in the centre to let out any moisture. Great range of colours and sizes (range from 8cms to 13cms in diameter).  Looks great in the bathroom or in the kitchen.

As each dish is unique, we recommend that if you see one that you love, then don't delay in your purchase as it might not be there tomorrow!

Made in the West of Scotland.

 All soap bars are approximately 7cms wide fitting all the soap dishes perfectly.