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Protection for hands during the winter months - hand oil

Cold weather and moving from the cold outdoors to a warm house can dry out our hands. Ours hands can crack and become sore - especially if they are sensitive. 

Our clinical aromatherapist has developed and designed a hand oil specifically for dry and sore hands. We have clients who have visited their doctors and come away with no remedy. Applying a few drops of our oil for hands in the morning and at night has had some amazing transformations. Full of lemon, marjoram and peppermint essential oil plus castor and advocado oil, this blended hand oil is a perfect tonic for dry and sore hands, as stated by one of our customers below.

"This is fabulous! Two or three drops is enough to really nourish my battered hands. Taken 20 years off them! I love that it’s not sticky at all and leaves no residue so I can just get on with my day. Top product-really recommend".

Our hand oil absorbs easily and quickly preventing greasy hands. Oil also penetrates more effectively than a cream and has a fantastic smell.

Our oil for hands also made the finals of the Free from Skincare Awards 2021.

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