Best value Face Oil on the market - and Award winning too!

Natural Skincare during the winter months

Our faces, hands and the rest of our skin is bombarded by the cold during the winter months. The weather causes our skin to loose its natural moisture - and it doesnt help when we use products that accelerate the process. Many High Street brands contain additives to make them smell (parfum) and foam better. With flu and covid lingering we probably wash our hands more during this time.

We have a range of natural skincare products that can help both dry and sensitive skin. Our Hand Oil was created out of the pandemic for front line workers who were constantly having to wash their hands. This oil for hands is non greasy, absorbs quickly, has skin healing lemon and marjoram essential oil and smells fantastic. 

This is one of the reviews taken from our website

 "This hand oil is absolutely wonderful. My hands are much softer and they are no longer dry. I am so pleased with this oil that I’ve purchased it for my friends as well. Thank you for giving me velvety hands 😊".

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